4-5 Times Weekly Exercise Will Delay Ageing

Do you want to stay young for long? If your answer is yes then start doing exercises four to five times weekly as it can help your heart stay healthy and delay ageing.

According to researchers, different sizes of arteries are affected differently by varying amounts of exercise.

Engaging in exercises for about two to three weekly for about 30 minutes may apparently be enough to reduce stiffening of middle-sized arteries, four to five days weekly exercise is required to keep the larger central arteries youthful.

According to Benjamin Levine, one of the study authors from the University of Texas. The study would help “develop exercise programs to keep the heart youthful and even turn back time on older hearts and blood vessels“.

Arteries that transport blood in and out of the heart become prone to stiffening, increasing the risk of heart diseases with time.

In a study published in The Journal of physiology, the team studied 102 people over 60 years old, with a steady lifelong exercise history. The people involved were shared into four divisions depending on their exercise history – Sedentary: Less than 2 exercise sessions per week; Casual Exercisers: 2-3 exercise sessions per week; Committed Exercisers: 4-5 exercise sessions per week and Masters Athletes: 6-7 exercise sessions per week.

A lasting history of casual exercise (two-three times a week) resulted in more youthful middle-sized arteries, which supply oxygenated blood to the head and neck.

Nevertheless, people who were committed to exercises about 4-5 times weekly also had more youthful large central arteries, which supply blood to the chest and abdomen, in addition to healthier middle-sized ones.

According to the researchers, larger arteries need more consistent exercise to delay ageing.

The results will help see “if we can reverse the ageing of a heart and blood vessels by using the right amount of exercise at the right time”, Levine explained.

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