5 Ways to Boost Your Android Smartphone | Boost Performance

Are you an Android Smartphone user? Have you been looking for simple ways to boost your Android smartphone and make the best out of it? Then you are in luck today. Grab a glass of juice while I take you down the process.

Note: The tips below should apply irrespective of the brand of your Android phone: Samsung, Google, Huawei, Xiaomi, Techno, LG, etc.

How to boost your Android Smartphone:

  1. Customize Your Notifications

Insignificant notifications sucks but there’s always a way in Ainefield. If your Android have been upgraded to Lollipop (Android 5.0), you will be able to customize your notifications effortlessly. Android 5.0 version lets you put up a “do not disturb sign” for some time and that means you won’t be disturbed by irrelevant notifications. While it is in “do not disturb mode” you can allow certain notifications so you don’t get to miss anything important.

  1. Track and Limit Your Data Usage

Boost Your Android Smartphone

Boost Your Android Smartphone

Are you planning a trip abroad and you want to limit data usage or you are worried about overage charges. Then keep calm because it’s simple to track data usage and set up limits on your Android phone. Just go to your settings, click on data usage, and you can see how much you’ve used each month, set limits, and enable alerts. When you set a limit, your mobile data automatically shuts down when you reach it. You can also set up a warning, which will enable you receive a notification instead.

  1. Save Battery Life

Boost Your Android Smartphone

Saving battery life is a great necessity when traveling or running around for the day’s job. There are many ways to simply do this.

Firstly, turn off syncing for any app you won’t be using, like email. It is advisable to put your phone in flight mode if you will be travelling through an area out of network. In a “no network area” your phone tends to drain the battery while trying to find network. Make sure to always turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi separately.

Lastly, it is recommended you download battery saver apps or use Power saving mode, this helps to turn off battery consuming apps and will boost your Android smartphone.

  1. Buy a Portable Charger


Boost Your Android Smartphone

Invest in a portable charger, they go a long way to boost your Android smartphone. Bad chargers kills your battery life and slows your phone overall performance. Nice chargers come in various shapes and sizes with varying levels of power. So always make a good choice.

  1. Root your Android phone

Boost Your Android Smartphone

Boost Your Android Smartphone

This might sound weird because there are risks involved which includes breaking your warranty. But the truth is this can also be good because it gives you admin rights to your device. These include the ability to remove apps that have been pre-loaded by your carrier (aka bloatware) and install a variety of “root-only” apps to block ads or turn your phone into a wireless hotspot, even if your carrier blocks this function. Rooting can help to Boost Your Android Smartphone.

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