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What is StumbleUpon?

StumbleUpon a social bookmarking website that is driven by a community of users who share link to blog posts or online content that love.


How Does StumbleUpon Work?

Here, users submit links to posts they want to share, which is called “stumbling” that content. Just like a normal voting system, other users can suggest to that stumble content by giving it a thumbs up or down using the StumbleUpon toolbar, which is installed when a new user registers for a free account.

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Users are also allowed to add “friends” to their networks. Adding friends is a fast and easy way to share your stumble content to like-minded users.


StumbleUpon is user-friendly. The handy toolbar makes it easy for users to submit content in seconds. This platform can draw massive traffic to your blog in a long run if one of your submitted blog posts picks up a lot of stumbles. It’s also a network to meet new bloggers of like minds.

The Negatives

This is something normal about most bookmarking sites, they seriously kick against frequent submission of your own content. It is advised that you stumble (post) more content from different blogs or websites. As you further increase the network of friends and develop a reputation for submitting great content, your success in StumbleUpon should increase.

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