5 Best Electric Egg Cooker – Egg Cooker Review 2019

Electric Egg Cooker – Meals are inevitable part of our existence but making them sometimes can be stressful. Eggs are a big part of our meals. It spices up our diet, serves a great purpose during family reunion and events of various classes but one thing we have to admit is that boiling eggs for too many people can be an arduous task. However, with an electric egg cooker, it becomes a lot easier cooking those eggs. For moms hosting weekend family get together, having to get those eggs boiled without any crack always seem to be an impossible deal without a good electric egg cooker.

An egg cooker will be of huge help and will serve a great purpose in your home. In this article we have made interesting discoveries about the best electric egg cooker on the market. Here we have relied on those interesting features that moms, chefs and egg lovers look out for when buying a great electric egg cooker and have arrived at the following;

5 Electric Egg cooker Reviews 2019

1. Elite Cuisine Egg Cooker

This is one of the best electric egg cooker out there on the market. The elite cuisine egg cooker can accommodate seven big sized eggs and is a no alarm electric egg cooker because it makes no buzz. What the cooker lacks in sound alarm, it makes up for, with its indicator light which notifies the user when it is working. Also the elite cuisine egg cooker as one of the best electric egg cooker automatically turns off when the eggs are boiled. This means the eggs are safe even when you are busy doing other things and you can continue the boiling anytime. Sounds interesting right?

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This model also has an extra advantage as it can be used in making poached eggs or omelet. However for good cooking, use non-stick spray or apply olive oil to the pan. Also its non-electric parts are dishwasher safe and other advantages includes a 1 year warranty, a recipe handbook etc. The elite cuisine egg cooker made it to be the first on our list of best electric egg cooker because it possesses great features and at a very affordable price.

2. Dash Rapid Egg Cooker

Dash Rapid Egg Cooker is the second on our list of best electric egg cookers and can boil about six big sized eggs at once. Unlike the elite cuisine electric egg cooker, this model has a sound notification. The Dash electric egg cooker is very simple to use, all you need to do is fill the measuring cup to the desired line and press the “ON” button and when the cooker makes a buzz the egg is done.

However, the buzz sound continues to ring until you turn off the electric egg cooker. Just like the Elite cuisine egg cooker, the Dash electric egg cooker makes omelets as well as poached and scrambled eggs. All the parts of this egg cooker are dishwasher safe. In summary, the Dash rapid electric egg cooker is affordable, strong and can suit any kitchen no matter the size.

3. Cuisinart Egg Cooker

This is one of the most interesting electric egg cookers of the pick. This electric egg cooker boils up to ten good sized eggs. When this electric cooker is compared to the two previous cookers listed, it gives amazing results. The electric egg cooker has alarm and a light boiling indicator. This alarm turns off as the eggs get done and turn on as it starts cooling down. Like the other two electric egg cooker, the Cuisinart electric egg cooker can be used to make scrambled egg and omelet.

This model comes with a poaching tray for four eggs and an omelet plate that can contain three eggs.  This electric egg cooker has a built-in cord storage for its heavy cord. In summary, the Cuisinart electric egg cooker is a bigger electric egg cooker that can boil bigger number of eggs. It is a bit overpriced than the two previous electric egg cookers and that is why it came third on this list. It also comes with an easy to understand instruction book and for a family size egg cooker, the Cuisinart electric egg cooker is the real deal.

4. VonShef Electric Egg Poacher

This electric egg cooker boils up to seven big sized eggs and comes with no audible sound notification feature. It has a light indicator that turns off automatically when the eggs are done. The electric egg cooker comes with a stainless steel lid and heating tray. It is also designed in such a way that you cannot see the eggs while they are boiling. The VonShef Electric Egg cooker is hand washed as it is not dishwasher safe. Its measuring markings are marked with eggs instead of lines which makes the process interesting.

I’ve tried cooking jumbo eggs with this one and they fit in, which is good to know if you prefer that type of eggs. In summary, this electric egg cooker runs quietly, portable and amazing. It is very affordable, but you will have to hand wash it, and you won’t be able to prepare an omelet or scrambled eggs with it. However, you can cook your jumbo eggs which is great!

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5. KRUPS Egg Cooker

This electric egg cooker is one of the most durable electric egg cookers. The KRUPS egg cooker can contain up to seven eggs at once. This cooker can give you soft, medium and hard boiled eggs. It has an audible alarm that notifies you when it is done. The KRUPS electric egg cooker can be used to prepare poached egg or omelet. However, the trays must be coated with oil to avoid sticking.

All non-electric part of the electric egg cooker are dishwasher safe and it comes with a two-year warranty. The top and bottom part of this electric egg cooker have separate handles, which do not heat up with the rest of the cooker. It has a removable egg holder which allows you to cool eggs quickly by putting them under the stream of cold water or storing them in the fridge. The Measuring cup of the electric egg cooker is marked with lines compared to the VonShef Electric Egg cooker, but it is not bold.

In summary, the KRUPS electric egg cooker is more expensive than other electric egg cookers on this list. You will have to spend a little more money on this loud electric egg cooker because of the two-year warranty and all the useful features mentioned. Buying an amazing electric egg cooker will go a long way to ease you of some stress that you get to encounter when boiling eggs especially large number of eggs. Using our guide here will make a great choice when buying one. Note: This is not an exhaustive list. We have considered those features of interest to lovers of egg cookers such as the number of eggs that can be cooked at once, sound notification, dishwasher safety etc. Thanks for taking out time to read this article, we are happy to have you on our blog.

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