Best Electric Kettle for Your Home 2019

Having an electric kettle on your counter is sure the best way to enjoy your beverage in minutes with ease and no effort. These Electric kettles have been designed in a way it will suit your needs in a more user-friendly way.

Here is a review of the top travel kettles with great features, this list will help you make the right choice when buying a coffee kettle for your home use.

Best Electric Kettle – Travel Kettle

1. Hamilton Beach 40880 Stainless Steel Electric Kettle


The first on this list of best electric kettle for your home is the Hamilton Beach electric kettle which works perfectly fast and has the ability to boil water faster than a microwave. Just like the name implies, it is made of stainless steel, has a liquid holding capacity of 1.7 liters and for safety possesses an auto-shut-off function.


This travel kettle is user-friendly and can easily be lifted off of its base to serve hot tea or beverage directly on the table. It has a handle that always stays cool no matter how hot the kettle gets. Users are highly advised not to touch the body of the kettle as you might risk burning your finger, only carry the kettle and serve your beverage holding the handle.


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2. Secura SWK-1701DB Double Wall Electric Water Kettle

Our runner up on this list is the Secura Electric Kettle, this can be considered very kitchen-friendly and will provide you the best value for money. This kettle comes with a stainless steel interior design coated with BPA-free plastic exterior. Which means that unlike the Hamilton Beach Kettle, the handle and body of the kettle always stays cool to touch regardless of the hotness of the liquid and at the same time helps your water to boil quickly.

It has a water holding capacity of 1.7 liters, so you make tea for the whole family with this kettle. The boiling hot water only comes in contact with stainless steel interior so there is not possibility of the exterior plastic melting and releasing chemicals into your hot drink. This model electric kettle is cordless and heats on a base that plugs into the wall. This a wonderful electric kettle for your home.


  • It only possesses one heat setting, which you means you have to keep an eye on it if you don’t want a very hot beverage, let’s say for your little ones.

3. Proctor Proctor Silex K2070YA Electric Kettle

If you are in search of a budget-friendly electric kettle that will also offer you the best bang for your bucks then this is your ideal electric boiler. This kettle is quite affordable but that doesn’t make it inferior to the above listed electric kettles as it can still boil water faster than a microwave.

This kettle does not have much aesthetic design as it is simply styled but it has quite some features that can make up for that. It comes with a detachable cord which makes it easy to serve your beverage, it features a clear panel that permits you to see your boiling water and know the quantity of water inside. You don’t need to monitor your water while it boils as it features an auto-shut-off function.


  • The cord is very short.
  • The interior of the kettle is plastic and not stainless.

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4. Cuisinart Perfect Temp Cordless Programmable Kettle

This is an amazing stainless steel electric kettle with 1.2/3 liter water holding capacity and comes with 3 different preset heat settings for different tea with different temperature. It shows a blue LED which indicates when the water is ready and the 30-minute keep-warm feature keeps your beverage hot in case you’re busy with other stuff and not ready to drink.

The cord for this kettle is attached to the base so you can carry the kettle to pour your tea anywhere. The kettle can be detached from the base for 2 minutes and you can serve your tea then return it to the base to keep it warm and after 2 minutes, the base automatically goes off.


  • It has 1,500 watts of power that heats the water quickly.
  • Designed in a way you can see how much water is in the kettle.
  • Scale filter is removable and washable to ensure clean water.
  • Boil-dry protection turns the kettle off if it runs dry.

5. Breville Ikon Electric Kettle

The last on this list but definitely not the least electric kettle is the Breville Ikon Electric Kettle. This stylish kettle has a water holding capacity of 1.2/3 liters and features a water-level indicator, a simple on/off switch, an audible bell tone to indicate when the water has started boiling, and an auto shut-off so it won’t boil dry if you miss the notification. A full kettle of water will boil in four minutes.

This is a great kettle with its base unit designed so the cord wraps for storage. It is a finely designed heavy duty kettle that weighs a bit more than similar pots that aren’t quite as solid.

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Conclusively, electric kettles are wonderful kitchen-friendly items that will ease the stress of making tea for your family or your kids. It boils faster than a microwave and will definitely provide you the best value for money.

Note: These are not the only Electric Kettles on the market, there are so many of them out there but for the cause of these article we only reviewed our top 5 which has being serving families well.

Thanks for taking out time to read this article, we are happy to have you on our blog.

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