Best Portable Blender – Travel Blender Review 2019

Do you love traveling and can’t do without a juicer on your trips then this article is for you. Here are lists of portable blender that will make life and traveling easy for you. The great thing about this portable blender is they are user-friendly and portable just like it is called.

For a good, fresh and healthy lifestyle, a portable blender is very essential in your daily activities. Benefits of a portable blender is you don’t need to be at home to make your juice or blend your fruits. Go through our lists of portable and travel blender and make your choice today.

Best Portable Blender – Travel Blender

  1. Portable Juicer with Travel Sport Bottle

The top on our list of portable blender is the homedas juice maker, an innovative blender with all great features to purchase one for your next trip. This portable blender uses both the AC and DC power and powered by 3800mAh battery that lasts for days. This juicer comes with a USB cable which means you can connect a USB cable from one side of the juice and your laptop or smartphone on the end, once connected, press the button and charge it with the phone or laptop. This portable blender is user-friendly and easy to clean. It has a long battery life and can be used up to 20 times.


  1. Heavy duty battery
  2. Lightweight and sturdy
  3. 1-year warranty
  4. Uses USB cable

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2. Portable Juicer Blender Beckool Travel Personal USB Mixer

The second on this list is the Beckool Travel Personal USB Mixer, a true definition of aptness. This tiny and most efficient juicer blender that is weightless and fast to do any task has no accessories attached to it and does not rely on power sources. This portable blended is basically designed for traveling, picnics, camping and weekend get-away. It comes with a USB cable which means you can charge it and get it to work with your smartphone or laptop as a source of power. For making baby juice and food blends for kids, this low power consumption six pcs blades blender is the ideal juicer for you.


  1. Easily Cleaned
  2. Charged using a micro USB cable
  3. 4000Mah long lasting battery
  4. Auto switching
  5. Powerful motor

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3. Popbabies Blender for Shakes and Smoothies

This portable blender is specially made for kids for making shakes and smoothies for your little ones. This is an easy to use safe blender that is also super healthy for kids. Even your kids can effortlessly use this blender. You just need to put in your fruits, cover the top and press the shake button, remove the cover and drink your smoothies. This portable blender is designed with sharp blades and powerful motor with speed of 22000 rotations per minute which means it can shatter any frozen or unfrozen food which includes fruits, coffee bean and ice in the shortest period of time. The job of this portable blender is quite many ranging from making coffee and baby foods to protein shakes which makes it the best choice for you.




  1. High-speed motor function
  2. USB rechargeable
  3. Can be easily cleaned
  4. Lightweight, can be carried anywhere


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4. Keyton Personal Blender with Travel Lid

The fourth on our list is a product of Keyton with a glossy design and 21oz capacity, larger than any portable mini blender, it is great for kids and adult use too. This portable blender is highly recommended for kitchen use ranging from blending strawberries to garlic and ice. This blender can also serve you after workout since it is lightweight and can fit into your gym bag. Making protein shakes and after a workout routine in the gym will go a long way to build your body. It comes with strong lasting battery; the motor is run on 300W power that will chop and blend everything. The blending jar is safety approved, i.e., BPA free and is UL certified.


  1. Stylish design
  2. 21oz jar capacity
  3. Powerful rotor design

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5. TOWABO USB Juicer Cup, Fruit Mixing Machine

I love this juicer personally, can’t really tell why but maybe because I love fruits. This portable blender is mainly a fruit mixing machine. Just like the Popbabies blender, this is also a great juicer for smoothies on the go. This portable fruit mixing machine jar has a total of 380ml capacity. It comes a USB cable which means you can charge it anytime and anywhere through a smartphone, laptop, or a mobile phone charger. TOWABO USB Juicer is easy to clean, just place your USB juicer cup under a tap. The production quality is safe and trustworthy, it is BPA free and is FDA approved.


  1. Best pick for baby food preparation
  2. Easily cleanable
  3. 1-year official warranty included
  4. 2000mAh battery last for 15 times before dying out (Cons)

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Portable blenders are wonderful equipment for home use, gym, camping, picnics and travelling. If you wish to stay healthy and fresh with juiced fruits then you need to get a portable blender today and enjoy the ease and fun of juicing. 

 Note: These are not the only portable blender, there are so many of them out there but for the cause of this article we only reviewed our top 5 which has being serving families well. 

 Thanks for taking out time to read this article, we are happy to have you on our blog. 

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