5 Best Vacuum for Hardwood Floors Reviews 2019

Cleaning hardwood floors can be rigorous sometimes because it usually seems to get messed up easily but finding the best vacuum for hardwood floors can be more tiring and confusing. You wouldn’t want to get a vacuum that will ruin your newly finished hardwood floor, I basically understand that feeling.

So in this article, we are going to be discussing the best vacuum for hardwood floors, listing out great models that will make cleaning easy for you and suit your home. After reading this post, you will no longer find it difficult choosing the best vacuum for hardwood floors.

Let’s get to business!

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Best Vacuums for Hardwood Floors

1. Bagged Canister – Miele Complete C3 Marin

The first on our list of best vacuum for hardwood floors is a canister vacuum which generally cleans the floor well than other vacuum cleaners because they don’t disperse dust and dirt in the process of cleaning. The Bagged Miele Complete C3 Marin is the first on this list because it is highly efficient and user-friendly. It sucks up debris with ease and doesn’t disperse dirt during vacuuming thus making cleaning fast and easy.


  1. Very durable.
  2. Powerful and easy to use.
  3. It comes with all the “bells and whistles” you could ever need.


  1. This vacuum has a hefty price tag.

2. Bagless Canister – Kenmore 22614

This model vacuum is also a canister vacuum but the bagless version. The Bagless Kenmore 22614 is a threat to debris, pet hairs and dirt on hardwood floors. This best vacuum for hardwood floors saves you the stress and headache of changing bags, although they often need to be replaced with additional filters. You definitely need this vacuum in your home because it is solid and can be used on upholsteries and curtains without ruining the fabric.


  1. Gentle on hardwood floors.
  2. Easy to maneuver
  3. Designed specifically for your hard floors.

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3. Bagged Upright – Kenmore Elite Pet-Friendly 31150

The Kenmore Elite Pet Friendly 31150 is an upright vacuum cleaner, though canister vacuums are highly recommended when dealing with hardwood floors but there are also some upright vacuums that does clean jobs just like the Kenmore Elite Pet Friendly 31150. This model vacuum has great efficiency on hardwood floors and features a strong airflow through the hose, and has a good way of containing the dirt it cleans up.


  1. Ideal for families with pets.
  2. Great for allergy sufferers.
  3. Not only does it pick up dust and dirt well, it contains them.

Cons: Tough to maneuver and too heavy for some people.

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4. Bagless Upright – Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away XL Capacity NV755

This model vacuum is also an upright vacuum but the bagless version. So if you prefer bagless vacuums and don’t have the luxury of changing bags then the Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away XL Capacity NV755 is your best take. This vacuum made it to our list of best vacuum for hardwood floors because of its proficiency in handling and collecting dirt using its extra-large bin. This vacuum boasts of good versatility, as it can convert from an upright to a handheld or a wheeled canister with the touch of a button.


  1. Dust-away hard floor attachment
  2. Powerful suction
  3. Easily picks up dust, grime, and allergens – even in hard to reach places.


  1. it’s heavy to haul and sometimes falls over while using.

5. Corded Stick Vacuum – Shark Rocket Complete with DuoClean HV380

This vacuum can be used on hardwood floors as well as carpet so it can be considered multi-purpose. If you want your cleaning to be quick and easy, the Shark Rocket Complete with DuoClean HV380 is for you. It comes with a sliding two-speed power switch on the side of the handle that allows you to effortlessly switch between carpet and bare floors. It features a large dirt bin which means it will reduce you the stress of the “to and fro” movement to the trash can to dump debris.


  1. Lightweight.
  2. Easy on the budget.
  3. High powered 10-amp motor.

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6. Stick Vacuum Black & Decker Smartech HSVJ520JMBF27

The sixth on our list of best vacuum for hardwood floors is the Black & Decker Smartech HSVJ520JMBF27 which is powered by battery and can seamlessly convert to a handheld vacuum with the push of a button. This vacuum features a removable brush roll for cleaning and is fortified with a telescoping crevice tool for hard-to-reach places. There’s also a brush cleaning your furniture once you are done with the floor.


  1. Cordless.
  2. Multi-floor cleaning features.
  3. Can hit hard-to-reach areas.

7. Robotic Vacuum – Samsung POWERbot R7065 VR2AM7065WS/AA

You might be wondering, a robotic vacuum? Yes, it’s on our list because they do excellent jobs. This model vacuum is a product of the giant manufacturing Samsung Company. The POWERbot R7065 VR2AM7065WS/AA is loved for its smooth and quiet way of cleaning. It can serve for carpets too and you can set it and it will do the cleaning perfectly.


  1. Self-cleaning vacuum.
  2. Automatically adjusts to your floor type.
  3. Has smart-sensors that detect dirt.

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Conclusively, these are all great vacuums for your home so it’s left for you to make your choice and know what suits you more.

Note: These are not the only vacuum for hardwood floors, there are so many of them out there but for the cause of these article we only reviewed our top 7 which has being serving families well.

Thanks for taking out time to read this article, we are happy to have you on our blog.