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Citi Double Cash– The Citibank is a multinational financial institution that brings consumers closer to the banking world through a unique banking experience. With over 200 years of existence and origin in New York, Citibank is one of the largest and oldest financial institutions.

Citi Double Cash

Through these years of existence it has served with great success, millions of customers internationally among who are, private customers, businesses, corporate institutions and the government. Citibank boast of a large workforce of over 219,000 employees, with more than 4,600 branches in the world in 19 countries and over $300 billion in deposits. As at 2016, Citibank has a recorded asset of US$1.792 trillion and it is a consumer subsidiary of the American multinational financial service and investment banking corporation, Citigroup.

Citibank offers four main sets of credit cards which are:

  • Double cash card
  • Thank you preferred card
  • Simplicity card
  • Diamond preferred card

Citi Double Cash Application

With the ‘Double Cash’, customers get the chance to earn cashback with one of Citi’s best cashback credit cards. Known for their profitable system of sign-up rewards and bonuses, Citibank has very good credit card. However, there are eligibility criteria one must follow to apply for a ‘Double Cash’ card and they include;

Age criteria:

The age of the applicant is a key consideration for issuing a Citibank credit card. Applicant must be between the minimum age of 18 years and maximum age of 65 years to stand eligible.

Net income criteria:

Applicants must show a continuous supply of stable income to be eligible for a Citibank credit card.

A good credit score:

Applicants are required to have good to excellent credit score of 700+ before applying for Citibank credit card.

Where and How to apply: Applicants can apply either online using the Citibank website or through the phone number Tel: 1-800-325-5036.

Applying online; steps to follow,

  • Visit
  • Search for your preferred card
  • Apply by clicking on the card.
  • Follow on screen instructions and provide necessary details.
  • Wait for your approval mail.

Citi Double Cash Login

Logging in to your credit card account makes access and control of your account quick and efficient. It gives you a 24/7 unhindered access to your account no matter where you are. Whether you are on long distance travel with different time zone, for instance, you still get to keep track of your spending activity and access your account information without hassle by just visiting to get started.

Citi Double Cash Credit Card

The Citi Double Cash Credit Card is a cashback and rewards credit card that gives you the chance to earn cash back TWICE with 1% on purchases, and another 1% as those purchases are paid for in fulltime or overtime. For customers who make regular use of their cards, Citi Double Cash Credit Card is typically handy.

Different from lots of other cashback credit cards, Citi Double Cash Credit Card doesn’t have any restricting categories to keep track of or enroll in. Also, customers get to earn as much cashbacks as possible as there are no caps on the total amount of cashback you can earn.

Other value adding services this card offers include:

  • Credit card late fee pass
  • Citi private pass

Citi double cash credit card customers also enjoy special access to purchase tickets to thousands of events annually. Be sure to check out more on this by visiting

  • Citi price rewind
  • Credit card protection
  • Travel protection
  • Purchase protection
  • Introductory rate of 0% for 18 months starting from the date of your first transfer (for balance transfers only).

The Citibank double cash card is the best card for your money and transactions. It offers great value considering the fact you get rewarded twice. One for charging and one for paying.

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