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Computer training online – learn at your pace and gain sufficient computer software and hardware knowledge for increased efficiency and wide adaptability.

Computer Training Online

Common Computer Training Online

A computer training online course is aimed at equipping students with basic computer skills. Where necessary, additional advanced courses can be taken to strengthen understanding and knowledge in a particular area. The curriculum of common online basic computer courses is described as follows;

  1. Introduction to Computers

This course exposes students or individuals who have little or no prior knowledge of computer to the basics in computer. It lays out the important roles computer play in shaping our society. Topics such as computer terms and uses, computer hardware-components and identification, the internet etc. are taught to introduce the students to the operations of computer.

  1. Keyboarding

This part of the online training course helps students develop efficient typing skill which is almost lacking in the society.  To learn the basics of keyboarding, students are exposed to softwares like KeyBlaze, FasType etc. As they progress, advance training which improves skill and accuracy is introduced.

  1. Microsoft Office

The importance of Microsoft Office cannot be over emphasized. Over years, it has become a requirement for hiring employees among employers. A basic knowledge of Microsoft Office-Word, Excel and PowerPoint covers the basics of how to set up a document, use a spreadsheet and create a presentation respectively.

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  1. Internet Navigation

Here you will learn how to navigate through the Internet. The computer training online course will take you through understanding how to surf and perform advance search on the web, blog, protect your computer system from threat of viruses, use social networks and lots more.

  1. Course Delivery Tools.

An Effective computer training course combines good learning environment, management and technology system. The aim is to facilitate interactions between students and trainers. Classrooms typically consists of such learning aids as Whiteboard, Computers, Projector, and Projector Slides etc. which are used to deliver course content. Feedback on projects, presentations discussion topics and class projects etc. are part of the elements of an effective learning environment.

Computer training online courses can be used by individual for personal development or by corporate bodies as part of capacity building for staff.

So what are you waiting for? Enroll for a computer online training today and you will be glad you did.

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