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Foxit Reader is a free pdf Reader that can be used in place of Adobe Acrobat Reader. Foxit Reader is one of the helpful materials that one can avail himself of on the internet. Recently in a discussion with a friend about why some pdf Readers are not handling pdf files so well, and also why adobe reader should not be the popular reader available to users. We came to the conclusion that Foxit Reader offers some advantages that other Readers don’t.

Foxit Reader

Pdf files can come in a better way than what some Readers do, and Foxit does just that.

Foxit Reader VS Adobe Acrobat Reader

Make no mistake, Adobe Acrobat Reader is a good reader but Foxit Reader offers better where it fails. Below are a few advantages Foxit have over Adobe Acrobat Reader;

  • Foxit runs files fast and doesn’t cover up much memory. Foxit file size cover up to 2MBs, while Adobe files cover around 80MBs. This causes Foxit to run smoothly on Windows, without causing it or other programs to crash or fail.
  • For a 9MB PDF, 41MB of memory space is consumed by Adobe Acrobat Reader while for the same size of pdf, Foxit Reader takes up only 10MB of memory space. Going through files works well with Foxit as scrolling and reading is smart and easy. Same cannot be said of Adobe Acrobat Reader, as users complain of difficulty in scrolling through pages.
  • It is the go to reader for large corporate work and also for basic work, where it render files and document excellently. With Foxit pro edition features, you can comfortably work with your pdf file. This Foxit Reader Pro Edition costs just $39 for a 1 user license, unlike Adobe’s reader which has the same features but costs $449.

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How to Link Foxit Reader to Firefox browser

It pairs excellently with PDF Downloads extension of Firefox. These are the steps required to link Foxit with Firefox’s PDF Download Extension;

  • Install “PDF Download” in your PC
  • Once you have PDF Download installed, a new selection, “PDF Download – Option” will appear in your Tools Menu. Select this option.
  • On the ‘General Tab’, for Default Action, select ‘Open PDF’
  • Click ‘Browse’ in the windows Explorer location, then scroll to “Foxit Reader” (FoxitReader.exe) and click ‘OK’
  • Click ‘OK’ again to exit the “PDF Download” Options.

With the above steps whenever you download a PDF File, Firefox will load the file automatically in the Foxit Reader. Depending on the speed of your system this will take not up to a couple of seconds.

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