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For Tech and smartphone lovers, it is said that a good product is one that balances style and strength. It must be able to appeal without shortchanging style. All of this must blend seamlessly to achieve a good smartphone and Google Pixel comes in those shades.

Google Pixel

Google Pixel, a first of its kind phone entirely produced by the Tech giant Google, needed a team of software engineers with an eye for excellence and quality to assemble after years of partnering with some other Tech giant to run the Android OS.

In the years before this, specifically in 2010, Google partnered with phone manufacturing firms like Samsung, Motorola, and LG to assemble mobile devices named Nexus phones that would serve as flagship devices for running its mobile Operating System (OS). These devices were running the latest Android version at that time while the hardware OEM status was entirely ceded to the partnering companies as they built and branded these phones.

With the success of Nexus phones series with the aforementioned phone giants and the successful launching of the Nexus 6P with Huawei, in 2015, Google took a decision to start manufacturing devices free from any partnerships. In their setup, Google proposed to single-handedly design, engineer and sell but however, a separate company would assemble the device. Phone manufacturers, HTC would later take up this responsibility.

In designing the Goggle Pixel, a lot of consideration that makes for an efficient yet stylish phone was checked. From quality hardware, visual appeal to smart functionality.

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A Review Summary of Google Pixel

What are the PROS?

The Google Pixel gives its users the following advantage

  • A sharp camera that is simply amazing with which you capture those beautiful moments.
  • It comes with the best version of Android. With smooth running and adaptability.
  • It comes in a good size that makes it less bulky, hence it is handy.
  • Its unique operating system makes it fast.

What Are The CONS?

Google Pixel phones still yet to satisfactorily answer questions about;

  • Cost – The device is considered quite expensive when compared to other devices.
  • Hardware durability – The back panel is vulnerable to scratches, therefore raising doubt about its durability.
  • Storage – The Google Pixel requires more storage options to avoid reducing the device speed as storage gets filled up.

Google Pixel Specifications

Display- 5-inch, 1080p

Snapdragon 821

Storage-4GB RAM + 32 or 128GB ROM

OS-Android 7.1

Processor-Google Assistant, Pixel Launcher

Camera-12MP back and 8MP front.

USB-C and fast charging

Battery Capacity-2,770 mAh

Headphone jack…

Manufacturer: Google

The specification reviewed is particularly for the small size Google pixel, one of the two sizes the devices come in. The other is a big size version with 5.5-inches Pixel XL. With a combination of the most amazing camera and software functionality on phone, Google pixel is one of the best Android devices. Which makes it worth every penny.

One of the reasons for its premium cost is due to its amazing features, a clear departure from the Nexus device that preceded it.

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Google Pixel – Design

A lot of details went into the manufacturing of the Google Pixel as can be seen from the design. The body of the pixel comes in metal and glass that makes it cosy. To hold the frame of the phone, they made use of wide bezels. The fingerprint sensor can be seen just under the camera sensor. A 3.5mm headphone jack is placed at the top similar to the design of some phones. It also comes with a pair of back-facing speakers. With the sides well rounded, this makes the phone handy and thin.

The small Google Pixel is compatible unlike the larger Pixel XL which is just bigger and slightly thicker.

Google Pixel- Display

Though it comes with a 5-inch display screen. The Pixel’s display is exceptionally compared to devices that come in similar screen size. Its screen is made with AMOLED panel with a 1080p resolution. This panel blends the display colors very nicely and also, as far as Android is concerned, its auto-brightness stands out among many devices.

Go out and get one today!

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