How to Get Rid of Acne | Natural Remedies for Acne

Many people have been so worried and are asking questions on the best method to get rid of Acne. Today, I will be answering that question in this article. But I want to let you know that you are not the only one in this, nobody is free from Acne. So cheer up while I tell you how to get rid of Acne with natural methods.

What is the Acne?

Get Rid of Acne

How to Get Rid of Acne

Acne has been quite a menace and torment both to the old and young. What is this dude really? (Lol)

Acne and pimples are some boring things that appear on people’s face or back mostly, this occurs regardless of gender or age.

The Acne on your face can be linked to many factors including genetics, poor hygiene, air pollution, stress, poor diet, insomnia etc. Big acne leaves spots in form scars.

Quick ways to get rid of acne

  1. Avoid dirty hands

The first tip to getting rid of acne is keeping your hands clean, you should not do anything with dirty hands. It is recommended to wash your face more often with chilled chamomile tea, peppermint, and yarrow.

  1. Dry toothpaste/Garlic

Using toothpaste that is left to dry overnight has shown to be effective in drying the acne. However for some people, garlic works the magic overnight.

  1. Ice

Ice enhances circulation, gets rid of dirt and excess fat. So placing an ice on acne can reduce inflammation and will help to get rid of acne.

  1. Lavender oil

Before sleeping at night, apply lavender oil on the red skin. The next morning, you will amazed at the outcome.

  1. Lemonade

Lemon is a great source of vitamin C, which is very efficient when it comes to battling bacteria that result to acne. Prepare lemonade, dip the cotton into the liquid and apply on the spot.

  1. Egg white

Get egg white also called “Albumen”, apply it the spot where acne is before going to bed. The next morning, your joy can’t be measured because the acne will vanish into the air.

Tip: After one night and your acne does not disappear, keep applying these methods every night. You will sure see results soon enough.

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