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iTunes store, is a software-based online digital media store which is run by Apple Inc. It offers millions of creative media contents such as songs, and videos, for sale.

iTunes Store

Since iTunes store came into existence in April 28, 2003, it has grown to become the largest music vendor in the United States. It offers over 35-40 million songs, 2.2 million apps, 25,000 TV shows, and 65,000 films as at January 2017, making it the largest music vendor in the United States since April 2008.

iTunes store offers you a wide range of music no matter the genre, from the latest hits to those archived oldies that you didn’t know existed. It hosts more than 45 million high-quality, DRM-free songs on iTunes. iTunes store, through its preview option gives you a chance to listen to a 90-second preview of choice songs before you purchase them.

It also offers the “Complete My Album” option which enables you to buy a few songs to sample out an album, and after that, purchase the rest for the original album price, minus the amount you have spent already. Its unique adaptability also enables you to buy on any device, and instantly access your songs, in your music library.

iTunes-store provides a lot of medium, to enable you search for music you’ll love through recommendations and/or suggestions. These music recommendations, are made for you based on your previous purchases, with trending searches, to allow you to narrow down which artist, album, or genre you want to buy.

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iTunes store offers a music search and purchase experience that is unique by offering the following;

It offers a unique family sharing platform, which makes it easy, for up to six people, in your family to share each other’s iTunes purchases. To achieve this sharing, buy a new song or album, and give everyone access to download and enjoy it. Families also have a platform to share movies. For families with kids under the age of 13 that need parental consent or any other family member you opt for, the kids and family member will have to get the “Ask to Buy” feature turned on before they can buy. This feature requires parental consent before a purchase is made.

iTunes store also enables the albums or songs purchased from the store to automatically appear on all your devices. This option enables music you bought on any device, automatically accessible in your iTunes library on your Mac or PC. iTunes store, also syncs seamlessly, with your iPhone, iPad, or Computer and gives you the ease of purchasing any music, movie, TV shows, and apps of your choice.

These are some of the advantages you stand to gain, as you purchase from the iTunes store. So what are you waiting for, download iTunes store today and enjoy a unique digital media experience.

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