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Netflix is an online streaming site that provides video and media streaming on demand. A typical blend of style and innovation, It allows user access to millions of media and video contents through paid subscription.


It has grown through excellence and innovative value adding features since being founded in August 29, 1997 by the duo, Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph.

Subscribe to this website to get to watch a variety of both Netflix and non- Netflix TV shows and movies. Instead of pay-per-view, It’s streaming makes use of subscription payment format for access to their contents. Just by making a one-time payment, you get to watch as many movies, new releases and shows as possible.

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With its services available in over “180” countries, Netflix customizes its services to work effectively in each country for subscribers in those regions. Subdomain and customized content are created for users in these regions. This innovation gives it a lead in traffic management and developing appropriate shows for respective regions using it’s streaming service.

Netflix has its own private and film production studio that has produced chart topping films. Since the coming of its entertainment and production division, Netflix have produced over 120 original series and films.

Some of Netflix TV shows that have seen a huge financial and chart topping are;
  1. Marvel’s Daredevil
  2. Stranger Things3.
  3. Orange is the new Black
  4. Master of None
  5. Marvel’s Luke Cage

Netflix have through these successes built a popular fan base. To experience these shows with its excitement, visit the site and enjoy watching your favorite TV shows.

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