Simple Tricks to Boost the Speed of your Android Phone

When you first bought your Android phone, it was seemingly fast but as time went by, it became slow and slower. Don’t be scared, I will teach you a few tricks you can use to boost the speed of your Android phone.

Ways to boost the speed of your Android phone:

  1. Free Up Space

The speed of your device will increase if the memory is not weighed out. Just like when you are carry too many loads, you tend to slow down because of the weight.

Check the apps you have on your phone and get rid of those ones that are not useful any longer. This will free up space and boost the speed of your Android phone. To delete an app, go to settings and locate the App Manager. Select the app and Click Uninstall to delete.

Tip: You can only delete an app you downloaded. For an App that came on your device, you can only disable.

If you have so many photos, you can delete all those shots you don’t want. Same applies to songs you haven’t played for a long time, get rid of them too.

Go through your download folder, storage, Bluetooth etc. you will see so many files, delete the files you don’t need anymore, this will free up space on your device.

  1. Widget and Animation

There are so many widgets that provide amazing animations but are capable of slowing down your phone. Go to your launcher and see if you can disable these widgets. As with Apps, also disable widgets you don’t need. They ain’t doing nothing on your device, let it go. I bet these will boost the speed of your Android phone.

  1. Close Apps You Aren’t Using

Allowing many apps open makes it simple to multitask, but if you close the apps, you will sure improve speed and performance. Check the running apps list and close the one you don’t need at the moment.

  1. Clear the Cache

Check your device storage page in settings. Find Cached data entry topic and click on it. Clear out all the cached data.

  1. Restart the Phone or Tablet

Restart has been solving issues since the time computer came to existence. Restarting your phones can automatically clear caches and clean up the system. This can boost the speed of your Android phone.

  1. Download Apps that Boost Android Performance

These apps go a long way to boost the speed of your Android phone.

  • SD Maid – This app includes four individual tools—CorpseFinder, System Cleaner, App Cleaner, and Databases—each of them does a different job.
  • Greenify – This stops background apps from draining the battery
  • File Commander – shows an overview of storage and identifies the categories that are using the most storage: Videos, Music, Pictures or Downloads.
  1. The Final Option

After applying all these tricks and your Android phone is still slow and sometimes hang, then go for a factory reset. Your apps and data will vanish (Yes, I mean all of them) and your phone will return to its original manufacturing condition. But worry less, you will just have start downloading the important apps you need.

Location of the factory reset varies depending on your phone. Go to settings and look for “restore” or “privacy” or “back up”. Once this reset is done, your device should be back to normal.

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