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Truecaller is a software owned by True Software Scandinavia AB, a private company in Stockholm. Although originally launched on blackberry platform, it has successfully grown to other Mobile device OS platforms through positive feedback from users. Its compatibility covers Android, Apple, iPhone, RIM Blackberry and Windows Phone devices.


Truecaller app as at December, 2014 has about 100 million subscribers with over 120 million searches monthly. Founded in 2009, by Swedish programmers Mamedi and Zarringhalam, it is the world largest personal and business contact online directory.

How Truecaller App Works

This app connects to personal and business contact directory globally as long as there are available data in those locations, according to one of the developers. However, this data isn’t publicly available or free in some countries.

Hence, truecaller crowd-source data to for access and distribution while securing the privacy of users. To protect the privacy of users, the app allows you access to the name of the crowd-sourced data you already have its number saved in your device. The phone number becomes the passcode to access the user information.

Security and Privacy Issues Linked To Truecaller

In their young existence, thet’ve had a fair share of controversy. The company on 18 July, 2013, confirmed through its blog the hacking of their website. This occurred on 17 July 2013, by some attackers latter confirmed to be The Syrian Electronic Army.

The attackers claimed to have recovered 459 GBs of database. This was linked to the installation of an older version of WordPress on the servers. However, Truecaller latter claimed that there were no passwords or credit card information revealed by the attackers.

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Summary of How to Find Caller ID

Truecaller App only permits login through Facebook, Yahoo! or Gmail. Because these are social networks with the one of the highest number of subscribers and by implication phone number. For this reasons, when you sign up or login, automatically your entire contacts such as phone numbers, contact names, email IDs are uploaded to a secure Truecaller server.

Truecaller ID is assigned to each phone number, which when searched, using Truecaller number search, the caller ID assigned to the number will be displayed.

The App subtly gets your contact list from your phone and stores in its servers. That is why when you ask for or get called by an unknown number, it matches it with the list of all available contacts from around the world on its server and gives you the name of the phone number ID.

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