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Uber App gives you the advantage whether you are in a race against time to meet up with an appointment or deadline, or maybe you are sick of waiting endlessly at the bus terminal.

Uber App

The Uber App is a ride-sharing app that lets you save time and energy by booking fast and reliable rides any time of the day. With the App, you are just a click away from getting a comfortable ride to any local destination of your choice. Convenient and tailored to satisfy their clients, Uber have been able to make payment in cash and with credit possible.

Uber Technologies Inc. based in San Francisco, California, is an American incorporated global online platform that links clients with registered drivers closed to them. It allows customers to place a trip request on the App. The App automatically sends a notification to the Uber driver nearest to the customer, coupled with the location of the customer. Drivers on the Uber platform make use of their personal car for their services and get paid through an electronic transfer by the app following a successful booking.

The launch of Uber heralded a period when other businesses were taking a leaf from their unique business model.  This gave a rise to the term “Uberification”, a term that describes effort to replicate their model by other businesses.

The rapid growth of Uber as the leading online logistics service provider has not been without a few controversy. Over the years, the company has been confronted over claims relating to the legitimacy of the service. It has been alleged that the company allows drivers who are not licensed to register and drive taxi. Similarly, there has been irrefutable claims of assault by drivers on customers. This has called into question the long-term existence of Uber as customers confidence continues to drop.

However, these few setbacks have not downplayed the ease of transportation Uber has provide through this unique innovation.

Uber App

About to make a trip, and thinking about using Uber, here are easy steps to follow in requesting your Uber:

  • Start by clicking open the App and tell us where your destination.
  • The App uses your location so your driver knows the exact place to pick you.
  • Through the App, you get to see your driver’s picture, car details, and can also track their arrival on the map.
  • Payment are made by credit card or cash (for selected cities) through Android Pay, PayPal, and other online payment channels.
  • After each ride or trip, you have the option of rating your driver and providing feedback to help Uber in improving their services. Your payment receipt is sent by email.

Other Services Available On Uber

UberX: This is an affordable individual platform for quick movement from one destination to another.

UberPOOL: Looking to save money on your ride, this option allows you to travel with other riders heading to the same destination while enjoying a lesser fare.

UberBLACK: This option takes your Uber experience to a whole new level by making your trip with a high-end vehicle.

To Download Uber App for Android

Simply click on the link:


For more info and enquiries about Uber services, Visit Uber.com/help

To check if Uber is available in your city at https://www.uber.com/cities

For update on Uber, Follow Uber on Twitter at https://twitter.com/uber

Or Like Uber on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/uber

Join Uber today and relive an exciting, stress-free trip to your destination by downloading the Uber app.


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