Web.WhatsApp.com – How to Use WhatsApp on PC

Chatting on Web.WhatsApp.com makes WhatsApp fun and easy. Are you always busy on your computer but you love to chat with your loved ones?

Web.WhatsApp.com was created to make WhatsApp chat more user friendly and fun, for people like me who are always stuck to a computer or Laptop. Not even a second can be spared to glance through your phone – that’s me (Lol). Web.WhatsApp.com was specially designed to save your time while working on a computer.

My kid sister who studies at Ohio will always nag me that I barely reply her chat. The truth is I don’t because I am always on my computer working. Mehn! I’ve got to pay her fees and take care of my own bills but she doesn’t understand. The good news is – since I started using Web.WhatsApp.com, we no longer argue because I can chat with her 24/7.

The amazing thing is that Web.WhatsApp.com makes use of QR Codes to verify your identity. Do you know what that means? No username, No Email address, No password. You just need your smartphone for WhatsApp Web.

QR Code is a 2D bar code that has the capacity store much more information than a usual 1D barcode.

Web.WhatsApp.com: How to WhatsApp on your Pc browser

Follow these step-by-step guide and enjoy WhatsApp chat on your web browser from today.

NOTE: For this to work, your phone needs steady connection. Also make sure you install the latest version of WhatsApp on your phone.  Download the Latest Version of WhatsApp.

STEP 1: Visit web.WhatsApp.com through your web browser. A QR Code will appear on the first page. QR Codes are not the same, they changes every few seconds. Here is what you get on the first page.


STEP 2: On the top right corner, Click the “More Options” button then click on “WhatsApp Web”


STEP 3: On your SmartPhone Click on the “+” sign on the top right corner to open the scanner.


STEP 4: When the scanner comes up, use it to scan the WhatsApp QR Code on your browser screen to complete the authentication process.



Here is what comes up after scanning


When this displays on your computer, you are good to go. You can now chat while doing other things on your computer.

Tip: You will need a steady internet connection on both your phone and computer for WhatsApp Web to work efficiently.

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