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Walmart is an American owned company that has existed for so many years. It has been well known and confirmed to be providing great quality products and services. Walmart operates a website, www.walmart.com that sells so many products and categorized it in a perfect manner for easy accessibility to customers.


Walmart sells so many products which are listed below.

  1. Electronics: Walmart.com is the go to website, when you are in search of quality electronics. They provide products like computers and television etc. at a reasonable price and from big shot companies that are authorities in electronics.
  2. Media Products: Walmart also offers amazing music and movies.
  3. Home improvement and interior decorations.
  4. Home furniture.
  5. Clothes: Walmart stands out when it comes to clothing, as they offer top quality clothes from top brands. They divided this section into gender, they have the men category, women category and even clothes for kids.
  6. Footwear: They also offer footwear such as trainers, sneakers and other shoes in general, with photos and price tags with short product description.
  7. Jewelries: They sell different kinds of jewelries like wristwatches, earrings, necklaces. As well as numerous types of gems, cuts of diamond, rubies and much more.
  8. Health and beauty products
  9. Toys and games for recreational purposes
  10. Pets
  11. Party supplies and groceries for homes.

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Walmart Money Card

When you are operating the online platform, money cards becomes a necessity. Walmart Money cards are like your normal master cards but the only difference is that it’s affiliated to them.

The Money card can be used by customers to manage their spending and buy any product from the numerous products sold on their online platform. Since the card is affiliated to the master card, it is simple to reload and use. You also get to apply for the card on their online platform without paying any fee.

How to Apply For the Money Card

Applying for the money card is simple and easy, you only need to visit the Walmart website, and navigate down until you find a link with a card symbol. Sign up and fill in all the information required. This won’t take you much time and you can as well be guaranteed that it is safe to put in the right details.

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