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This is so interesting! Do you know you can now make payments through WhatsApp? Great! Right? I know the question on your mind now is how can that be possible? To learn how the WhatsApp Payments work, here’s a guide to WhatsApp Payments.

WhatsApp Payments

This payment method is based on the UPI service that PhonePe and Google Tez make use of.

Tip: Firstly, Update your WhatsApp to the latest version before we kick off.

Here’s a guide to WhatsApp Payments

To send money via WhatsApp Payments;

Step 1. Click the attachment pin icon that appears when you are chatting and tap ‘Payment’ option.

Step 2. Follow the easy steps shown to you. Verify your number with the SMS WhatsApp will send to your phone number. (charges may apply)

Step 3. Add a bank account from the list of banks you will be provided with. If your phone number is linked to directly to the respective bank, WhatsApp will automatically select the bank for you. If it’s not linked to any bank account, you’ll have to go to your bank and link your phone number.

Step 4. It’s time to send money via WhatsApp Payments. Hit the Payment option, input the amount and click Send. You will be required to authenticate though security MPIN. It does not take up 15 seconds to do that.

Step 5. If you have used a UPI service before, you don’t need to create MPIN. But if you are new to the system, you will be required to verify your bank account with the last 6-digit number of your card.

We have been talking about MPIN, What is that?

This is your secret pin that will be required each time you want to send any payments to your contacts. MPIN is the abbreviation of “Mobile banking Personal Identification Number”. It’s always a 4 or 6 digit number though it varies by bank. Make sure to always remember this pin for WhatsApp Payments.

Note: Update your WhatsApp to the latest version via the Google Play store or App Store. This feature is presently working only in India now and is gradually extending to other Countries.

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